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"Massage Reviews:

"What an amazing massage. Elizibeth really knows what she is doing and the atmosphere was great. Had a 90 min massage that seemed to last longer. Her technique was the best I have had and really loved the hot stones. Too bad she does not live in Santa Barbara. Thanks for the amazing massage. Will definitely be back next time we come visit." Joe F.

"Elizabeth has a unique gift. I've had many messages from many practitioners and none have had the impact on my body as Elizabeth has had. She has a powerful energy which flows freely through her hands. I mow lawns, weed whack, use a pick axe, hike, run, swim, surf, and bike regularly and after 90 minutes of message, my body is vibrating, rejuvenated, and most importantly, feels healed from the abuse I've heaped upon it...I've also participated in a healing star session which has also had a positive impact on my mind and body. Elizabeth is truly a magical treasure and I feel blessed to have her in my life." Judy W.

" Yoga Reviews:

"Lizzie was truly INCREDIBLE! My husband and I stumbled across her private yoga lesson, and it was one of the highlights of our stay near volcano. We were truly transported to a magical place during the class. We are both from New York City, and have experienced many amazing yoga classes, but this was one of our all time favorites. I only wish we had discovered it sooner so we could have come again."  Sarah  D.

" Lotus Petals Reviews:

"I lean to non-fiction; specifically true crime books. So it's rather odd that I'd select Lotus Petals: a Wake-Up Call to add to my library. Yet, I'm so pleased I listened to my intuition and bought this book. Here's the truth of it: Ms. Fenton created strong, likable characters who were able to awaken in me the prospect of a new way of seeing 'reality'. For that alone, I should say a resounding "thank you." But, Lotus Petals is more than an enlightening literary journey, it's a darned good read. I truly look forward to reading more from this author."  Kim S.